Packing Light, Travel Tips for Techies

The travel tips “pack light” has got to be one of the most overused pointers for the regular travelers and backpackers. With today’s technological advances, we no longer need to lug those awkward maps and those huge not so mobile phones, the really blurry cameras and the ever reliable disc man. Today, travelers can do away by just bringing their sleek mobile phones, iPod, digital camera and laptops. And since almost everything is booked online, there is no need to bring a folder full of receipts and tickets. It has never been easier to connect, and stay connected while travelling.The problem is, because of the perceived modest size of all the gadgets, there is a tendency to over pack certain items that isn’t in the list of essentials.The first gadget, the digital camera, and the biggest challenge, is photo storage. Ideally, if you already have a scheduled trip, or are a constant traveler, you should have already invested in the biggest memory card you can afford. If you can get two of these, all the better. While there are certain travel destinations that offer cheap tech stuff, there are more that offer the same products at a more expensive rate so best you bring your own. If you are travelling with your laptop, another option would be to immediately upload your photos on your computer as soon as you can.The next gadget would be hand held mobile devices like smart phones and iPhones. Most providers offer automatic international roaming services, but using them excessively can result in a nasty phone bill when you return home. The best option would be to disable your data roaming feature, and instead, rely on getting online through wifi points throughout the location if there are any. If you are travelling to Europe for example, that are scattered with cafes that offer free wifi, you can cut your surfing expenses in half.Thanks to apps and mobile features, if you do not have any serious work to be done with your laptop, almost everything is accessible via your handheld devices. It lets you communicate with your friends and family minus huge phone bills via Skype or gTalk.Whatever tech gadgets you decide to bring, the most important thing to remember is to keep them safe. There are skins and jackets you can buy for your gadgets that can prevent any wear and tear that may be brought about by rough travelling.There is no need to get carried away with packing gadgets. Remember that the best way to enjoy travelling is still to indulge yourself in the experience and culture, without worrying about the email that’s sitting on your laptop, or that you’re falling short on battery life.

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