How Stretched Bar Lcd Display is widely used ?

Bar type LCD display series – ultra-stretched, ultra-wide by design – designed to meet the demands of the most restricted advertising digital signage spaces. With an emphasis on maximizing advertising space efficiently, digital advertising boards have been cut LCD screens effectively display information in small, narrow spaces such as store shelves, ceilings, and corridors.

Marvel Technology is a specialist digital signage manufacturer in stretch displays and have solutions in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios.

Marvel ultra-wide Stretched LCD display aspect ratio native stretched LCD panels presents you with a number of innovative ways to grab public attention,and gives excellent visual performance in a wide variety of applications.

Marvel have launched bigger display area floor standing model: 75inch Stretched Screen Shelf Standing LCD display.

Standard specification as below for your info:

Technique Parameter for LCD Panel:

Display size: 67.8inch

Screen type: IPS full view “BOE/LG”

Backlight mode: LED

Resolution: 1920×585

Brightness: 500nits (higher brightness optional)

Overall size: 1688.5mm x 545.8mm x19mm

Display area: 1651.5mm x 545.8mm

Viewing angle: 89/89/89/89 up and down/left and right

Service life: =50000h

Response time: 5ms

Audio output: 5W x 2

Working Environment:


Working temperature: 0°C~50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~60°C

Power supply:

Industrial High level Power module AC100~240V 50 /60 HZ

Power source: AC220V

Power rate: 90W

Standby power consumption: ?1W

Outer shell:

1. Main outer shell is made by extra quality Iron material

2. With a protection layer of high-penetrating Tempered glass (with 3mm-4mm thickness) on the surface of the LCD Panel.

3. Surface finishing: heavy industrial grade of powder coating with an anti-wear texture.

4. Color: black (For bulk order, color can be customized)

Stretched LCD display digital advertising boards several advantage features introduction:

1.Advanced Custom display area size & Highest in industry contrast ratios & Advanced super slim outline dimension.

2.Support choose from a range of brightness specifications for indoor and semi-outdoor applications. 350nits-1000nits.Elevated brightness and high resolution for true color expression in a range of lighting conditions. Delivering clear images in high brightness lighting conditions.

3.Industrial level LCD signage durability during continuous 24/7 operation.

4.Easy and Flexible installation way, wall mounted, floor standing, fold standing ,ceiling mounted,Embedded installation way.

5.Support split screen combined with Marvel content management software. User upload content by cloud server platform.

6.Support with high clear speaker inside, voice advertising attractive your attention.

7.Portrait or landscape content with wide viewing angles for versatile applications.

Stretched LCD screens is utilized in retail, advertising, public transportation, quick-service restaurants and other applications worldwide. :public building, museums ,supermarket,port , airport,school, park etc.. Specially for restricted area for advertising or smart info display board, such as subway station to inform Metro arrival as inform board, small smart screen with voice advertising display on the goods shelves in the super market, digital advertising boards in elevator etc.

When to Change Membranes in your Reverse Osmosis Water System

The technology of reverse osmosis water systems is ever expanding but we mustn’t forget that for any equipment to function efficiently and for as long a time as possible, we need to maintain it.
On the surface, when to change the membrane of a reverse osmosis water system might seem obvious and most companies make it simple by relying on the following three guidelines:

The three year cut off (manufacturers usually put this time period as their warranty). An increase in the RO (reverse osmosis) permeate conductivity, related to water quality requirement. Designated reduction in permeate or product flow rate when related to water demand.

However, there is more to it than first meets the eye and the reliance on simple parameters can actually be counterproductive and lead to premature membrane replacement. So, what should you look at?

Is Age Important

RO membranes can last up to ten years and still be functioning with the utmost efficiency. Age associated performance deterioration occurs very slowly and it is much more likely that a replacement is needed for an entirely different reason than age, one most often related to how well the reverse osmosis water system is maintained.

Oxidant Exposure

Free chlorine is a strong oxidant that can have a huge negative impact on membrane life. The extent of damage will correlate with the chlorine concentration and the amount of time the chlorine has been in contact with the element. Any contact, however, causes issues and can lead to the need to prematurely take membrane replacement action.

Salt Rejection

Decline in salt rejection can vary, but if you decide that the decline is unacceptable when occurring in sync with an increase in normal permeate flow, you will need to consider replacing the membrane elements in their entirety. Before you do, however, you need to gain a little more knowledge about the problem. Measure the conductivity of the permeate water from each membrane vessel, for example, and you will be able to determine exactly which element needs changing and the exact location of that element. A complete replacement may not be necessary.


The primary cause of membrane deterioration is fouling, which is succinctly defined as the increase in RO feed-to-concentrate pressure drop of more than 15% (or the permeate flow declining more than 15%). Particles collecting and impacting on the surface of the element make the job of cleaning solutions much tougher, and in some cases impossible. More aggressive cleaning can be attempted effectively, but if it is unsuccessful membranes will need to be replaced.


The formation of scale can be a problem for a few reasons. Onsite cleaning is normally effective in solving this issue with no membrane replacement necessary, but if the scale is caused by sulfate you may end up having to go for a replacement of the concentrate-end membranes.

When you know why your reverse osmosis water system is not performing as it should, you can begin to discern whether or not you need to replace the membrane in its entirety or just a certain element. Understanding the causes of a problem and the potential extent of it might save you unnecessary time and money in getting it fixed.

Author Plate Sean Clifford is an advisor at AllWater Technologies Ltd, a wholly independent company providing consultation and water treatment equipment, including a reverse osmosis water system and effluent treatment plant. Bringing together a host of experience and specialist knowledge, the company is committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships and creating maximum value and benefit for their customers.

How to Find the Right Health and Fitness Membership For You

Gyms and centers frequently run specials on their health and fitness membership fees. The timing will vary, but many offer great deals after the first of the year, when many people are making resolutions regarding weight loss or improving health. If possible, choose a time when the gym you want to join is offering an attractive health and membership fee special.Typically, a health and fitness membership term is for one year, although some ask for three year commitments. Try to get a one day pass or trial health and fitness membership before you sign a long term contract. This will allow you to actually work out at the gym and at the time of day you will normally visit so you can see for yourself that you will be able to have access to the machines or classes you want.A trial health and fitness membership will also allow you to test your commitment to going to the gym. Some people become enthused with the idea and sign a contract, then find they just can’t work it into their schedule or that the gym is too crowded at the time they need to go.Verify what amenities are covered under your health and fitness membership. For example, if you need to bring the children, is supervised care free or must you pay an extra fee? Does your membership cover all of the classes offered, or is there an additional charge if you wish to take, for example, a yoga class?Many gyms offer personal trainers who will work with you on an individual basis and develop a nutrition and exercise program tailored to your needs. However, these are normally not included in your basic health and fitness membership. Rates are usually less than engaging a trainer on your own, though.Be sure and get all the fees involved with joining the gym, and not just the membership fee. For example, is there an initiation or registration fee that you must pay in addition to dues? Few gyms tack on laundry fees to cover towels, but a handful will. Don’t hesitate to ask what other fees will be involved.If you are not sure whether you will like working out at a gym, see if you can find one that offers a month to month health and fitness membership. You may have to pay a registration fee and then of course your monthly dues, but you do not have a long term commitment that you must continue to pay or suffer a potential blotch on your credit report.Don’t sign a health and fitness membership contract with the first gym you visit. Finding a place to work out is a very personal choice. Take the time to check several before you commit to a health and fitness membership so that you can find the best gym for your needs.Read your health and fitness membership contract carefully to make sure it accurately reflects what you have been told verbally. If the contract makes no mention of free classes but you were told there was no additional charge for them, ask why they are excluded. Or if you were told the term was 18 months and the contract states 36, object. If you cannot get the health and fitness membership contract to reflect what you are expecting, do not sign it. Your contract is a legal credit commitment, and you will have little choice except to pay off.

Make Money With Black And White Digital Photography

Black and white photography has long been a staple product of the art world. There is something about capturing the world around us and rendering it, and the people in it, in such a stark medium as black and white. In a way, this type of art takes away any preconceptions one might have about the given subject and allows the viewer to see the content as it really is, and even add their own ideas.It’s important to note that black and white photography was the beginning of photography and holds a special place in many photographers’ hearts. This is one of the reasons why it has become a bit of a trendy thing to do nowadays. Basically beginner photographers are starting to take up black and white photography more often than normal photography. Why? Mainly because they are still able to use the most advanced, up to date cameras while creating amazing black and white photos.The latest camera models have settings for black and white photography and some photo editing software enables photographers to change color photographs into black and white. Any of these methods can be used to achieve the classic black and white look that can impress any viewer.The scope of black and white digital photography is not only about portraits and landscapes. There are thousand and one things that you can express with black and white photographs. So the next time you have the digital camera in hand, focus on abstract shoots. Treat black and white digital photography, as a mode to portray the world in a different light and you will never be short on potential photography subjects.To start with your own black and white digital photography shots, you will not need extra effort and complications other than shooting as is. Take the shot in color then you can switch the setting of the digital image in an editor, using array of choices. If you are using Photoshop or Fireworks, you can change the whole image into black and white by editing “Hue and Saturation” or simply switching it to “grayscale” format.Since black and white digital photography doesn’t rely on color to tell the story, the contrast of shades will need to be relied upon. This is one of the most important black and white shooting tips to learn. It is important to make sure subjects stand out even more so in black and white than in color. While a dark blue shirt might look awesome against a dark green setting in color, it will likely get lost in the shuffle in black and white.While that dark shirt and dark background can present problems in contrast, lighting can help fix the issue. The best way to master lighting for this type of digital photography is to play around and be willing to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Try using the black and white settings in all kinds of situations to really master what needs to be done under different circumstances to effectively light up a shot.Why not make money from your digital photography and get paid to submit your photos to the internet or start up your own photography business.Remember a black and white picture of a single flower can be breathtaking.

Renters Insurance – Guess Your Needs and Meet It

The importance of renters insurance is often undermined. Many people assume that they can cover the cost of repair or replacement in the event a hazardous event occurs. Even worse, some people think that these events will never occur to them thus there is no need to spend money on insurance. Home owner insurance guess is that self-supplication won’t be enough. That’s why you need to read on. This article highlights the importance of renter insurance and what you should do about it.Personal liability and property protection are the essential aspects covered in renters insurance. More often than not, many people ignore or neglect buying this insurance because they mistakenly assume that their landlords’ policy safeguards their interest as well. Whether you are a first-time renter or have been renting for many years now, purchasing a plan helps you to avoid the headaches that will occur after an unwanted incident strikes. The premium amount is usually very reasonable, unless you add additional policies to cover for particularly valuable items (i.e. antique, jewelry).Beyond theft and personal security, you’ll want to avoid probable lawsuits in the event someone gets hurt during their visit to your rented home. Home owner insurance extends to such circumstances, allowing you to make reasonable claims for medical payments and compensation fees. It’s unwise to assume that your belongings don’t cost much. You’ll be surprised at the cumulative value of your clothes, books, electrical appliances, and personal belongings. Having home insurance allows you to upgrade to homeowner’s insurance with ease in the future. You may even receive discount for purchase from the same company.You are advised to sign up for a higher premium rate if you have a substantial number of valuable items. There is a range of appropriate standard premium and you can find out more about the rates online. Needless to say, the importance of home owner insurance cannot be further stressed. Renters insurance guess your needs and try to formulate a policy that will see you through your best interest.

Car Parts and Automotive Equipment – How the Oil Pump Works

Automotive enthusiasts are well aware of the importance of each specific car part as it pertains to the overall working vehicle. However, men and women who are new to the world of automotive equipment may be curious as to how some of these important automotive parts pertain to the automobile’s inner workings.One of the most important car parts in circulation is the oil pump. In most cases, the oil pump is located above the oil pan inside the engine. The oil pump is actuated by gears located on the end of the crankshaft or on the end of the distributor. As the engine turns, the gears inside the oil pump rotate and the pump cycles oil.One of the most important components of this all encompassing automotive equipment is the pickup tube. In most cars, the pickup tube is located at the end of the oil pump and sits in the oil pan. As the pump operates, the spinning of the gears creates a vacuum that lifts oil out of the oil pan and distributes it throughout the engine.The oil in the car’s engine is designed to both cool and lubricate the automobile’s inner workings. However, if the oil of the oil pan is too low, the pickup tube will be unable to distribute oil, thereby causing the engine to overheat and bind.Another vital component in the automotive arsenal, as it pertains to the oil pump, is the screen filter. The screen filter is one of those all-important car parts designed to keep the engine running smoothly without contamination. In simple terms, a screen filter is a mesh screen designed to filter contaminants in sludge out of the oil before they can reach the engine and cause harm to the automobile. The screen filter is important for maintaining valid oil pressure. Over time, automotive screen filters can become clogged with debris and sludge. For this reason, regular oil changes are important for maintaining a healthy engine.Mechanics and enthusiast seeking automotive equipment and car parts to complete oil pump installation will find it beneficial to shop online for some of the best prices and highest quality equipment on the market. Shopping online for automotive equipment is simple. All one needs is the year and model of the car in question and a list of each of the required car parts. Not only will you save money and time, but you will also find the convenience of “at your door delivery” to be a huge bonus.

Special Education is Crashing – What Will You Do?

I’ve been having issues with my computer.  First, is was crashing.  Then email wasn’t working.  Next it crashed again.  I could only run one or two programs at a time, which didn’t work for me.  I would fix one problem and then another one would occur. I even took my computer to the local store.  First they said there was nothing wrong.  Then they found a program hidden in the computer written in a foreign language.  After removing the program, they were sure it would work.  Less than one hour later, it crashed again. Finally, I had to take a step back and evaluate.  Do I keep patching together issues and solutions for my computer or do I choose a new computer based on my ever changing needs?  I choose the new computer.  I am much happier.  Clients are much happier.  Work is getting done quickly and effectively.Does this cycle remind of your child or student’s IEP?  All special education issues start somewhere.  One program not working or one tool not being used and the student, family, and/or teacher become frustrated. A single element of the program is looked at and perhaps at first nobody can find the problem.  Then the issue is found and fixed!  All is supposed to be well and then CRASH!  It happens again.  Hmmm, let’s find the next issue in the IEP and try and tackle that one.  Done!  CRASH!  Here we go again.  We call in professionals to continue fixing the IEP, but maybe we need to step back.Most times when crash after crash is happening in special education, the entire IEP should be reevaluated.  How to get started:…Someone on the IEP team must take responsibility to stop the cycle of “fixing and crashing” the IEP.  You?…Team members (staff, parents and student) must talk with each other to find out what IS working throughout the program.  Find the positives!…Team members must then communicate what IS NOT working in the program.  Be honest because it might just be your piece that is not working.HINT: All team members must be aware of this process of stepping back to look at the overall issues, not just isolated incidents.  Otherwise, you will still end up with patchwork fixes.Based on your lists of what is and is not working, how can you begin to restructure and re-prioritize the child’s day to meet their current needs?  At this point, don’t worry about the formality of changing the IEP.  Use the current IEP as a blueprint for making your lists, start the restructure for a new program and when success begins to happen, make the documentation in the IEP. HINT: You don’t need an IEP meeting to have elements of change in the program documented.  Simply writing changes in a form letter and submitting a copy to the file will put it on record and may be good enough until your next IEP meeting.  Bottom line- get it in writing and get it in the file. Example:  You may find out that in the overall picture the child had too many transitions in the day.  With team effort, transitions were minimized.  Successful learning and minimal meltdowns were now occurring.  The parent or teacher writes one page that states the situation, changes made and results seen.  The one page document is addressed “To:  The Team of (Student Name)” and CC’d to the FILE.  All team members are now aware of the information it has been documented for long-term reference and accountability.Remember, not all changes are big.  Not all students are going to need a brand new IEP, as I needed a brand new computer.  But by taking a step back and evaluating current needs, what is and is not working and what can be changed in the child’s overall program, you may be amazed at the change in productivity by all team members, especially the child.

How to Find the Perfect Renters For Your Rental Property

You have opened your house for rental and have had couple of applications from some interested people. But now, you do not known how to choose the best one who can take care of your house and still provide you perfect remuneration each week. Well, if you are in such a dilemma then this guide will show you how to choose that perfect renter for your rental property.What kind of renters you are looking for?The very first thing to understand while leasing a house is that your potential applicants cannot afford a home mortgage because they might have bad credit, lost a job or might have lost a house even because of their financial problems. You should understand that most tenants do not have enough of financial ability to back home loans but might have just turned their table slight with a bit of financial help. They will probably have a good rental period for at least 6 months, might have got a new job and though they have had bad credit but they must be taking care of improving the credit with paying older dues and car payments.You should understand this situation and look out for tenants who are genuinely interested in the property and can pay the quoted rent per week mentioned in the lease agreement. It’s fine if they have had bad credit history but until they are able to pay the rental that should not be a big problem to the property owner.Will they buy your house?You can even ask the tenants whether they might be interested in buying the property few years down the line. You can lease out the property and rip the rental each week unless the tenant eventually looks at buying the house. But you can add the option for the tenant to buy the property whenever they want. So, in case they wish to invest in your property then you can sell it for a nice profit in few years time.The Gut CheckOne of the most important things to keep in mind is gut feeling. You may have feeling that a certain person might be the most suited candidate for the rental property. They might work hard to pay of their rental each week but do ask yourself whether you can risk your time and effort in working with each applicant for rental. An old fashioned gut checking can help you decide between two equally good candidates.Being a landlord can be extra burden and responsibility but it does bring in extra revenue each week. Its up to you to decide whether you should venture into the real estate property business or not. Even if you decide not to rent your property then you can always sell it and walk away without having to pay any extra money for gain taxes. If you are seriously looking for the rental business then do consult with your real estate agent to find more about the current rates and expense incurred in rental business.

6 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Travel Business

Travelling is one thing that you may find common in everybody’s hobby nowadays. In fact, it is a passion for many. People are getting busier and stressed out with each passing day. And traveling is the only thing that can help them to cut off from their busy schedules and get a bit relaxed. As a result, more and more people are in continuous search of online travel businesses that can help them plan their dream holidays. This has led to a massive rise in the competition in the travel business industry. You have to be distinctive to make your online travel business a success.

A considerable amount of work goes into setting up your travel business, enhancing the showcase, and getting the desired number of customers. And a few mistakes here and there can ruin your venture even before starting.

Here, are the most basic mistakes that you must avoid or it might kill your online travel business even before it takes off:

1. Not offering complex travel services
People can easily plan their routine point-to-point tours or trips with the help of the Internet. What they need is someone to help them plan their trips with varied & complex requirement combinations. You must allow the customers to create and plan their travel packages as per their convenience. Providing regular travel packages will do no good to your online travel business but will instead lead the customers to continue planning their trip on other travel websites.

2. No prompt support
Customer satisfaction is the first & foremost requirement in the travel business. You should be within your customer’s reach at any point of time. Yielding prompt support to your customer’s queries & complaints can save many of your customers from moving on to other travel portals. Try giving quick solutions and clearly mentioning all the instructions can help your business from getting bad reviews on Google & other social media platforms.

3. Poor user interface
It’s very simple: “People buy what they look at and like”. So, it becomes necessary to have an attractive and engaging user interface. Customers should be easily able to traverse through your travel portal and get all the things they want. Your travel portal needs to have a simple yet classy design with an appealing call to actions, appropriate sorting filters and easy payment & checkout options. All these will help the customers to take up your proposal at the most opportune time.

4. Not having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
There are numerous travel websites on the Internet. Following the same strategies like them won’t do any good to your business. It’s tough to beat them & move forward. At this point, you need to have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). USP is the thing that differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. This means that you need to deliver something that none of the businesses from your niche does. For example, you can transform your business message to sell expert advice & personalized services rather than some deals, offers & discounts.

5. No promotions or marketing
Promotions or marketing is the best way of reaching out to your target audience. Most of the travelers start searching online or on the social media platforms before planning their trip. Lacking marketing and promotions will make you lose some of your potential customers. You can hire an Internet marketing company to do this task for you.

6. Lack of personalization
People don’t like to spend much time browsing all the options. They prefer websites that provide them with relevant suggestions as per their needs and interests. In this scenario, personalization can help you. Personalization allows you to learn about each customer so that you can suggest relevant solutions aimed at their needs and interests like What is their budget? What hotel brand do they prefer? Are they flexible with their dates? etc.

By doing just a bit more than your competitors, you are sure to stand ahead of all the other online travel businesses and guarantee that you have a continuous flow of travelers for quite a long time to come.

By evading these 6 mistakes, you are on your way to establishing an independent travel business.

Get an online travel portal developed by us for your online travel business. We, at Brevity have expertise in building custom software.

The Best Way to Finance Rental Property

Professional staging goes way beyond redecorating, and IVPM can help transform your rental property visually to maximize profits by creating a customized look – without spending a fortune doing so.

Staging a Vacation Rental Property is the best way to assure your rental stands out from the rest! Our design skills can transform your vacation rental into a more pleasing and attractive property so you get more bookings and increased ROI. At IVPM, we know vacation rentals are unique when it comes to interior design and decor. We understand that vacation rentals get wear and tear and that smart owners make value based acquisitions to ensure the property will always look sharp and appeal to prospective renters.

Here is a case study of Castillito del Caribe, an IVPM property that was staged immediately after purchase. The sellers had it listed for over a year with no offers. It was difficult to rent, even though it is in a premium downtown, oceanfront location. The decor was sparse, with stark white walls with very little on them, which made the listing photos unappealing. It had a raised, essentially useless pool (4′x 6′ x 18″ deep) that was actually a tripping hazard. A new Baja-shelf Pool was an important anticipated improvement. It took just 5 weeks to demo the old one and build the new one. Cost: $15K USD

Labor cost to paint the entire house inside (11.5′ ceilings) and out? Less than $1000 USD. The new owners didn’t hesitate to invest in professional, high quality photos to showcase the home’s vibrant new colors to create an attractive rental listing. Photos make a world of difference in your listing! Note: those are the SAME purple chairs and red sofas in the before and after photos! Also, the wood carved mermaid was randomly hung close to the ceiling on the dining room wall. It’s a stunning piece, she was moved to the left of the Chichen Itza temple mural and now looks awesome! We can work with the pieces you already have.

Now that same vacation rental is a Premium Isla Mujeres listing, commanding top tier rents, with an impressive occupancy rate. The owners continue to improve and expand the property to maximize their ROI.

After “STAGING” your Vacation Rental, we’ll help you update the listing to increase your rental income by making it look great with sharp, high quality professional photos. Your listing photos MUST grab a potential guest’s attention fast, or they will quickly move onto another property!

We are a family owned business that knows your reputation is everything in the service industry! We hold ourselves to the highest standards by treating our valuable clients as we would like to be treated. We are real estate investors ourselves and understand sophisticated clients with high expectations for their property and know how to serve them.